Sexual intercourse and mental state: mental state and sex

Sexual intercourse and mental state: mental state and sex:
There is no doubt that poor mental state and adversely affect the sex of the latter and the members rights in general, from the heart to the brain, nerves and blood … and explain that Balkulail detail.
The future of the nervous system and is responsible for this process consists of two parts:
– Device sympathetic neighbor.
– And the sympathetic system.
Controls the first device in an erection, ie: it is responsible for a rush of blood to the penis and gradually extend, when sexual arousal.
While the sympathetic system controls in the incidence of ejaculation, any emission of semen when they reach the man’s sexual climax.
Even the fissures Bozivthma to the fullest, it should be a balance between the two, as the increased activity of a two-pronged followed by weakness in the activity of the other .. This happens when human exposure to emotions and psychological crises.
The sense of fear or anxiety when sex increases the activity of the sympathetic system, which weakens your neighbor sympathetic activity responsible for an erection, and thus sexual looseness happens ..
It may be anxiety caused by the intensity of the keenness of couples on the success of the process of citizenship .. and this often happens in the wedding day and attribute most of the people to what they call Balthagav or magic, Ed keen pair to complete the process to the fullest to show for his efficiency and manhood that are often difficult to process, Vijav of failure, which leads to relaxation, increasing the pair’s insistence on resumption of the ball or the experience, and at the same time increases his anxieties, and the result is like its predecessor, Fatazm position and increase the embarrassment! To get out of this spiral barbed, to be a husband to regain his self-confidence, and with the help of his wife, and gets rid of concern and fear, and leave it for some time until prevail intimacy between them, not keen on Omae task, and away from the stubbornness, prefers to travel the couple to a beautiful place to spend the Honeymoon to reduce pressuring Alosri and controlled atmosphere on such occasions .. but knows he and his wife at the same time that failing once or times, is not the end of took shape, but opposed soon disappear unless there is organic disease.
This must be the wife understands this very well, but you also know that the husband is responsible for the work or performs work that requires a large number of mentally thinking, it may be prone to loosening in some cases.
To know that the erection depends on the psychological readiness or strong desire or longing sweeping this matter, the more this power increased pumping of blood to the penis.
Will not be pumping blood to the penis if injured human depression, for example, Fassaatha will not be with him a desire to have intercourse by definition will not work organs to pump blood into the penis, it happening to him erection Fajlo body of symptoms of mental is the one who helps 80 percent in the enjoyment of men and women on the extent whether that process and even success.
It remains for us to focus on the mental state is sick, that man or woman is living with mental illness, but the pressures of life and work of raising children and the interest of the family and work problems, and lack of livelihood and abundance at the same time when the man in particular and has a strong desire in sexual intercourse fails in the erection or strength, as well as premature ejaculation in him.
Because all of these concerns or problems dominate the guy psychologically and mentally Vtsiba tense psychological and nervous system, which affects the circulation of tension and weaken and may even affect the heart, which is the basis of blood pumping weakness is not pumping enough blood for an erection because mostly Adhb to the brain busy problems and worries and thinking ..
Mental state and Gender: the treatment of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.
– Either to stop the man for sex while the rest shall be psychologically and relaxes the ability to pump blood is stronger than the former.
– And either himself struggling in the output of his work and his problems outside the circle of his marriage in particular.
Because life in its content is not worth us all the fuss, but we know that what went on page forgotten history and the future is guaranteed to you someone else, you are a prisoner of the moment Tcyrha Fchha smile and treat yourself including ankle God you do not grieve for the large number of concerns have agreed scholars and sages of all time because they do not to describe a human, albeit one described for branded loved creatures of God of the prophets and messengers.

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